2019 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence

Look around you and notice how the digital transformation is taking centre stage in every aspect of life. Operating systems, voice mail transcription, digital appointments, etc.  Artificial intelligence is here to stay and to change every activity that forms part of our daily lives. This computer science has taken off and is affecting every discipline irreversibly.

In Spain, the digital transformation has already affected 27% of companies, which have not hesitated to obtain the training and information needed to implement AI in their operations. Renew or die. Because it’s no longer so much an option as a necessity, and because the force of the technology is carving out its place without too many questions being asked.

Artificial intelligence… in your face.

From personalised teaching and learning systems to medical treatment and finance, everything will be done automatically through algorithms that only a group of specialists will be able to understand. One of the most striking applications of AI is personal recognition by means of digital image or facial features. In 2019 we expect to see an increase in the use of this technology, with greater precision and reliability.

Image recognition technologies are already being being used in sectors such as healthcare, to carry out clinical trials and in diagnostic and medical treatment procedures. A technological revolution which promises great advances in personal services.There are more cases where its effectiveness has been shown, such as in the processing of payments through security checks or the application of the law (in the early detection and prevention of crime), almost like something out of science fiction.

New socio-economic models 

There is much talk and debate about the socio-economic models that will be driven by the increasingly central role of technology. Many jobs with which we are currently familiar will disappear, giving way to new jobs that will require different skills and talents.

The use of skewed data in recruitment, mortgage loans, neuronal networks that emulate the human brain, algorithms that recognise patterns…An infinite number of nuances and subcategories of AI with which we will have too learn to live.It’s not about good news or bad, it’s reality. AI is a tool that can give us many possibilities and benefits, as well as doing away with many ways of life which the more nostalgic among us will regret.

2019 will be the year in which artificial intelligence will revolutionise all industries and the way in which society relates and interacts.