Electric mobility of the future

For half a century we have used our cars privately. If anything, occasionally we lend our vehicles to a relative or a friend. But traffic congestion and pollution in large cities seriously threaten both the environment and the quality of our life. Our transport culture must change, and it must do so now.

It is important to make society aware of the levels of pollution produced by motor vehicles. For this, the best solution is to give way to electric vehicles: less polluting and, therefore, more sustainable.


Fewer levels of pollution

The success of shared services is already reaching different urban transport systems. In the coming years, the private vehicle will give way to new forms of public, private and shared mobility. The electric car, automatic driving, digitisation and the collaborative economy will profoundly change mobility in large cities.


Aware of the ecological impact of a fleet based on the burning of fossil fuels, a new offer for more ecological and sustainable electric mobility is beginning to arrive. Electric cars offer a cleaner alternative for the city. A smart city is committed to decongesting traffic and reducing the environmental impact, CO2 emissions and noise pollution.




The future is electric transport

The electric scooter is also taking on a bigger presence as a displacement alternative for pedestrians. Today this medium offers the advantage of allowing a comfortable and fast journey through pedestrian areas. It is already normal to see security workers touring shopping malls or crowds of tourists using them to visit emblematic areas. In Dubai the first tests are being carried out with drones to transport people, they could carry 117 kilos which is equivalent to one person and their luggage.

Our planet depends on us, so we must join the change to help curb climate change and make the future more electrified and less polluting. This way we can all enjoy a less toxic planet. The world depends on us to come together so we can reverse climate change and create a more electrified and cleaner future. Fight for real change and help the planet!


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