Energy to fight against the coronavirus

Energy to fight against the coronavirus

To combat the coronavirus crisis and the evolution of the pandemic, extreme measures and precautions must be implemented as the situation progresses. Companies are having to react quickly by implementing homeworking, doubling shifts to provide essential services, whilst others are being forced to close… There is no doubt that the magnitude of the economic consequences due to the sudden decrease in activity will be far greater as the health crisis continues.

Energy companies are a key sector

Electrical infrastructures are critical to ensure the supply of electricity, the continuity of operations in hospitals and towards other essential services within the community.

In your case, Iberdrola group companies have implemented measures aimed at:

  • Guaranteeing the health and safety of customers and employees, especially those who operate and manage strategic infrastructures.
  • To reduce and minimize the potential financial impacts on clients caused by the continuing public health crisis.
  • Support emergency services and hospitals and respond to all requests for help made by the security forces and governments.

In the United States, Avangrid and all of its electricity and gas distribution companies, including renewable energy generation, have decided to restrict external visits to facilities, implement homeworking for all employees who can do so, and have imposed restrictive measures on those who cannot, such as minimum distances, shift work and the use of facemasks.

In addition, we must understand the client’s perspective to reduce the economic effects of the crisis on them, suspend disconnections due to outstanding payments and launch a program to help manage invoices and limit electrical use to reduce the energy demand. This will help guarantee the supply of electricity to emergency generators in hospitals and avoid any interruption to the service.

In Brazil, Neoenergía and the distributors Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP / MS) have asked their clients to prioritize digital customer service channels for the provision of services and to aid emergency response. The distribution of electricity is an essential service for the country and electrical companies have a fundamental role at this time.

In Mexico, Iberdrola has enabled homeworking and, for those who cannot work from home, office hours have been reduced and shift work has been implemented to meet operational needs. The use of face masks is also mandatory.

In Italy, Portugal and France, all employees are homeworking, except those in the Támega project whose workers on site have been informed regarding all of the necessary prevention measures being undertaken in other countries.

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