Green Hydrogen to take care of the Planet

green hydrogen

Green Hydrogen to take care of the Planet

The goal has been decided and the date as well: 2050. The plan is decarbonizing the planet by that time. Will we be able to do it? Definitely, if we know how to take advantage of tools we are discovering that can change our lives in the coming years. One of those tools is green hydrogen.

As a measure of success, Iberdrola has already started to work on what will be the largest green hydrogen plant for industrial use in Europe. It’s located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real). It will become available in 2021. In addition, it will be made up of a 100MW photovoltaic solar generator, lithium-ion batteries with 20 MWh storage, and one of the largest hydrogen production systems in the world. The most important outcome of all is that all this is achieved from 100% renewable sources.

What is green hydrogen? How can it be produced? What advantages does it have for our society? It is a green, efficient, and 100% sustainable technology that will be, according to many experts, the fuel of the future.

The methods of life that we’re currently having only increases the effects of climate change. This is a result of our constant need for increasingly demanding more energy, which relays on coal and oil, meaning an increase in the CO2. Precisely, such an increase is expected to be 25% and 30% until the year 2040 according to the latest estimates from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

100% sustainable technology with Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is a sustainable alternative energy. We have to fulfill our energy demand without aggravating the climate change situation. This is obtained through a chemical process called electrolysis, which is, using electric current, separates the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water.

By using this method, we can produce energy without emitting carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. According to the IEA, obtaining green hydrogen with this method would save up to 830 million tons of CO2 per year, making it an efficient solution to achieve the goal of decarbonization of the planet.

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