How can Earth Hour help the planet?


How can Earth Hour help the planet?

How does switching your lights off 60 minutes once a year help fight the climate crisis? The amount of electricity our world population consumes per hour is 18 terawatt-hours (18TWh), which is equivalent to burning 1 billion tons of coal or 5 billion barrels (510 billion US gallons) of oil. 

The results showed an average reduction in consumption of 4% in 10 countries, although the distribution of these alterations during Earth Hour changed a lot between the regions studied. If we compare to how much we consume in a month, or a year it is mainly a symbolic act. 

Yet, why is it worth the initiative?

The importance of Earth Hour as a movement

There are positions against the event, and some describe it as superficial. In response, Earth Hour, an initiative of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), has promoted the action as the beginning of a long-term project. The relevance of Earth Hour is the creation of awareness, intention, and above all, it can be the beginning of a positive habit. 

If we can turn off the lights, we can turn off other electrical items. If it can be done for an hour, one can get used to turning off appliances that are not used throughout the year. Therefore, Earth Hour creates a nexus for positive change.

It is a global action

The impact of Earth Hour is global. Numerous monuments and landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum, and the Giza Pyramids. More than 180 countries participate and show their commitment to improving the planet.

How companies contribute

Beyond the small and individual actions, many companies fight against climate change. Iberdrola has launched the campaign For you, for the planet in defense of the environment. The commitment to nature is real, so initiatives such as sustaining a healthier world for future generations stand out. Also, having the objective of decarbonization and the fight against climate change make a difference.

At the end of 2022, the international community will meet again at a new climate summit: COP27. Its objective will be to review the world situation and the measures that have been carried out throughout the planet to combat the global warming crisis. 

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