Iberdrola and FCC Launch EnergyLOOP to Lead Wind Turbine Blade Recycling

Iberdrola and FCC Launch EnergyLOOP to Lead Wind Turbine Blade Recycling

Iberdrola and FCC have joined forces to launch EnergyLOOP, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at spearheading the recycling of wind turbine blades. This collaborative venture, supported by Iberdrola´s PERSEO Venture Builder program, will kick off with the establishment of Europe´s first industrial-scale wind turbine blade recycling plant in Navarra, Spain. EnergyLOOP seeks to develop an innovative value chain that provides new recycling solutions for the energy transition while investing 10 million euros in its inaugural facility and creating approximately 100 jobs.

The circular economy commitment

This initiative underscores the commitment of both companies to the circular economy and has already forged partnerships with industry leaders like Siemens Gamesa. By focusing on recycling components from renewable installations EnergyLoop addresses one of the sector´s most important long-term challenges.

Recycling Wind Turbine Blades: EnergyLoop´s initial objective is to recover components from wind turbine blades, primarily composed of fiberglass, carbon fibers, and resins, and reuse them in sectors such as energy, aerospace, automotive, textiles, chemicals, and construction. To achieve this, the company plans to establish its first blade recycling plant in Navarra, strategically located near some of Spain´s earliest wind farms and well-connected to regions with abundant wind installations.

Support from the Government of Navarra

This project enjoys support from Government of Navarra as a strategic activity that positions the region at the forefront of the renewable energy sector by introducing technological innovation and circularity components. The government has worked discreetly to choose the ideal location for the first plant in the region, aligning with its dedication to renewable energy competitiveness.

Pioneering industrial-scale recycling

The Navarra plant will be the first industrial-scale wind turbine blade recycling facility in Europe, positioning Spain as a technological leader in the industry. This initiative will also create an innovative and dynamic value chain. EnergyLoop aims to generate around 100 direct and indirect jobs over the next decade and pñans to invest approximately 100 million euros in the initial installation.

Meeting the recycling challenge

With over 28GW of installed capacity, the Spanish wind industry, as a global leader, will face the need to recycle or reuse significant numbers of wind turbines ahead of other countries. It is estimated that in Europe, by 2030, nearly 5.700 wind turbines will be dismantled each year due to repowering of parks or installations reaching the end of their life cycle.

Transforming the wind industry

EnergyLoop will contribute to the transformation of the wind sector into a true circular economy by investing in comprehensive blade recycling solutions. This initiative will also enhance competitiveness and sustainability through research and the implementation of increasingly efficient and clean recycling technologies.

Comprehensive Circular Economy Approach

The project will cover various stages to ensure blade circularity, including on-site pre-treatment and conditioning, waste transportation logistics, recycling technologies, and the marketing of recycled products.

Collaborations with Industry leaders

Iberdrola and FCC´s initiative has gained the support of Siemens Gamesa, a global leader in wind park manufacturing and maintenance, which will play a pivotal role in this project due to its expertise in blade recycling and its significant presence in Spain.

Expanding to other renewable components

EnergyLoop´s birth reinforces the circular economy strategies of FCC and Iberdrola, as they aim to develop equally cutting-edge recycling solutions for other renewable installation components, such as photovoltaic solar panels and batteries, as market demands evolve.

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