The future must be renewable, or it won’t be at all

The future must be renewable, or it won’t be at all

If we make an estimation about our future and we do not speak about the distant future, twenty or thirty years, the outlook is frightening. One of the main obstacles we face is the use and dependence of energy. This model is the basis of many systems that support the current standards of the quality of life: public and private lighting, heating, transportation… the list is endless. Humanity lives in comfort thanks to energy. The problem comes from our unbridled energy consumption based mainly via coal and oil.

Fossil fuels and their effects.

Fossil fuels are extremely harmful to the planet. They also contribute greatly to global warming. Fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda requires profound changes in production processes and consumption patterns in all sectors. It is imperative to promote the decarbonization and electrification of the economy. To achieve this, we need more renewable energy, more storage capacity, more smart grids and more electric vehicles. Otherwise, the increase in global temperature due to fossil fuel emissions could be catastrophic.

How does the global increase in temperature affect the planet?

It is urgent we reduce CO2 emissions as close as possible to zero. If the situation is not reversed, there will be an increase in the temperature of up to 1.5 degrees between 2030 and 2052. If this happens, the consequences will be catastrophic. Firstly, a temperature change of a few degrees will make the temperate zones more conducive to the spread of tropical diseases. There will also be more droughts, which will lead to deep food crises that will put the lives of millions of people at risk. Another effect to the climate will be the number of storms and hurricanes, which will become more frequent and devastating. This will result in fatal floods, destruction of infrastructure, crops, etc. With the melting of the poles, there will also be an increase in sea level, with the consequent destruction of both ecosystems and the extinction of their respective species.

Renewable energies for the future

The future lies in renewable energy: greener and more sustainable. Examples such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, marine or geothermal are inexhaustible sources. But its main advantage is that they have zero CO2 emissions, so they are essential to protect the environment.  For all this, it is imperative that governments, companies and people have greater awareness of the change we need. It is vital to develop the necessary infrastructures and legislation to promote renewable energy.

Today we can begin the transformation, join the fight against climate change!

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