Top innovative solutions to generate more renewable energy sources

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Top innovative solutions to generate more renewable energy sources

The world’s energy hunger will grow as its world population grows. It is considered that by 2040 the demand will increase more in India, China, and Africa.

The challenge is to expand the capacity of renewable energy to meet this demand, especially in urban areas. Find out the innovative solutions to generate more renewable energy sources.

Smart chargers for electric cars 

Electric cars can be harnessed as energy exchange and storage hubs.

The so-called “vehicles hooked to the grid” or V2G (from the English vehicle-to-grid) can obtain energy from the electricity grid or give it back what they no longer need.

Companies such as Nissan and Iberdrola have come together to develop V2G technology. 

Iberdrola has devoted part of its efforts to network activity, mainly to new network digitization projects, the expansion of the technological platform, and the improvement of supply quality.

In addition, the energy company has a Sustainable Mobility Plan that provides the installation of 50,000 recharging points in Spain and the United Kingdom.

Solar panels at home or in private buildings

In the world, there are more than a billion people without access to electricity, according to experts.

There are a lot of benefits to solar energy, allow saving between 30% and 70% on our electricity bill. Solar panels in homes are charged during the day. Then, customers can use that stored energy to light the house at night. 

Iberdrola leads the photovoltaic self-consumption market in Spain, managing 40% of the customers of this kind in the country.

In Spain, more than two-thirds of the population live in high-rise buildings. The installation of a self-consumption solar system can save 30% on the annual bill in the case of neighboring communities; 50% for companies and businesses; and up to 70% in single-family homes.

In 2019, Iberdrola launched its Solar Communities, through which several users can share their own 100% renewable energy from the same photovoltaic installation.

Iberdrola’s collective self-consumption solutions offer the possibility of installing solar panels without prior investment, giving the roof space to the company and facilitating access to the green energy generated for people living within a radius of 500 meters.

The self-consumption market is currently in accelerated development in Spain, due to the increase in the price of fuels and the reduction in the cost of photovoltaic panels, among others.

Iberdrola expects the number of installations to triple in 2022, reaching 170,000, compared to the 65,000 registered at the end of 2021 and the 100,000 currently available.

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