Wind Europe Annual Event 2022: To discuss the developments and successes of the sector


Wind Europe Annual Event 2022: To discuss the developments and successes of the sector

After more than a year of virtual get-togethers, The Wind Europe Annual Event is back in person. The wind energy industry and decision-makers will meet at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (Basque Country), city where the headquarter of Iberdrola is located, ambassador of the event and a leader in improving the wind industry. When? From April 5th to 7th.

At WindEurope Annual Event 2022, onshore and offshore wind topics will be tackled, with 350 exhibitors from Europe and beyond. All representatives of European wind energy will be there, with the same purpose of making the most of the opportunity of the wind industry to offer a decarbonized future.

Wind Europe 2022 Programme 

At the event, it will be running an extensive program covering the major issues facing the sector today, such as:

  • Sustaining a strong European supply chain – How do we make sure wind turbines are made in Europe?
  • Floating wind – Where are we going to see all the new floating wind farms? And how will we scale up the manufacturing?
  • High energy prices – What’s the role of wind in keeping energy affordable? And what’s the right market design?
  • Circularity and Sustainability– How do we recycle blades?
  • Digitalization – How will digitalization help reduce costs and support energy system integration?

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Wind Energy in Europe

The event comes at a defining moment for the European wind industry. The EU and national governments are counting on the sector to help meet Europe’s climate and energy targets. 

Wind energy today represents 16% of electricity consumption in Europe. The EU wants it to be half that by 2050 and boost it to play a much more extensive role in the energy mix, implying an expansion of wind power: from the current 180 GW in the EU to 1,300 GW in 2050. Wind power will become Europe’s number one source of electricity by the end of the 2020s.

Twenty years ago, Iberdrola’s group was a pioneer in onshore wind generation, and now it is doing the same in the offshore wind market. In 2021, offshore wind power has become a major business growth vector for the company. At year-end, Iberdrola already had 1.26 GW of offshore installed capacity, 2.6 GW under construction, and 4.6 GW in advanced development, which will come into operation before 2027 thanks to investments of close to €30 billion worldwide during this decade. 

Bilbao, where the event will take place, plays a key role in the Spanish wind industry. The region has become a significant industrial cluster for wind power, creating jobs, economic value, and local tax revenue. 


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