Clean Energy – Key to Fighting Climate Change

Clean Energy – Key to Fighting Climate Change

Climate change has knocked on all doors asking for help. In order to combat it and slow down its cruising speed, we must start by looking for the pollution sources that make the planet worse. And we find largely that root in energy sources. An evolution towards a clean and renewable energy will cause climate change to put on the brakes almost immediately.

What is a clean energy?

Surely, it’s the first question that came to your mind. When we talk about clean energies, we refer to those that are born from a non-polluting energy production system. Likewise, everything related to the hazardous waste management will be under this framework. In short, it’s the one that does not produce waste.

The development, innovation, and improvement of clean energy is, and must be, a global concern that ensures the change and progress of our energy model, in order to curb and mitigate the effects of climate change.

This type of energy is currently in full swing. The environmental protection and the problem of exhaustible energy sources involve finding and optimising non-waste sources.

Clean energy means to be environment-friendly energy

For example, clean or renewable energy uses natural sources such as wind and water. In this respect, the best known are the geothermal energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, and solar energy. Although there are some others such as: biomass and biogas energy, tidal energy or wave energy.

Are clean energies the solution to stop climate change?

The benefits of opting for sustainability are huge for the planet. Renewable energy does not emit greenhouse gases and data support that its use results in reduction of CO2 emissions. Between 2015 and 2016 it was a reduction of 9 %, in other words, removing 10 million cars from the road. That is to say, the equivalent of 47 million tons of CO2.

The transformation of the energy model towards renewable energies will generate significant benefits for society, not only in terms of the environment but also concerning energy dependence, security of supply, electricity prices, and even more importantly, the improvement of health.

It’s essential to emphasise that renewable energy is also inexhaustible. Accordingly, opting for this energy production model ensures that we will continue to have energy without compromising the planet and its future generations. It also allows us to reduce energy dependence – we shall thereby be able to generate it locally, through in a way that allows us to generate wealth, work, and independence of those countries whose energy model is subject to energy importation from the major powers of oil or coal.

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